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R 1,820.00


The Junior.desk® is a compact study station, designed as a light-weight mobile desk for preschool kids.


This desk comes with 4 adjustable feet to level the table when standing on uneven surfaces. 


Junior.desk® can easily be folded up and stowed away in compact spaces.

*Please familiarize yourself with the desk height and fold up dimensions to ensure you select the model best suited for your intended use and storage capability.

  • Weight 6kg

  • Height 55cm

  • Width 70cm

  • Depth 46cm

  • Fold up dimensions 70cm x 55cm x 7cm

  • Max. carry weight 22kg.

  • Material – Birch Plywood and metal hinges.

  • Finishes – Clear varnish.


R 1,820.00

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